Interested in learning to take good photographs with a DSLR? Want to try out zoom lens, fixed focus lens, macro lens, 2xMagnifiers? Would you like to understand the fundamentals of taking landscape, portraits, action-shots, etc.? Would you like to understand shutter priority and aperture priority? Need help with video editing, shooting and editing tips? Contact me to schedule training sessions


How to photograph People, Landscapes, Nature, Objects and Action

Understanding digital cameras, Computers, Monitors & input, Scanners, External storage devices, Backups, Printers, Imaging software, Image editing tools, Filters

Understanding Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Exposure, Speed, Flash setup, Lighting

Understanding video photography, editing and publishing

  • Training: Photography
  • Objectives: Learn about photography-landscape, action, portraits, food; filters; video shooting, editing, movie making
  • Pace of learning: You set the pace
  • Pre-requisites: Access to camera & other equipment, as appropriate

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