Interested to know how switching to a Plant Based Balanced Diet helped me improve my health? Wondering why one should switch to a plant based diet? Interested in knowing where I get my protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre? Does one need B12 supplements? How about Vitamin D? Are you trapped in a “Black cat in the basket syndrome”? Want to know more about this syndrome? Contact me and I will be only too glad to share.

Interested in enhancing your focus and concentration? Would you like to be calm, free of stress and clear in your thought process? Again, contact me.

Meditation objectives

Calming down, Breathing control, Understanding the inner strength, strength in others and strength around oneself, the power of being positive, improving focus and concentration

  • Evidence based knowledge sharing: Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercise (praanaayaama), Whole food plant based eating
  • Objectives: Keeping your body agile, enhancing concentration & mind control, stress control, healthy living
  • Pace of learning: Try for 21 days and see the positive impact on your body
  • Pre-requisites: An open mind

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