Management consultancy for improved time management, enhancing productivity, right delegation and follow-up. Focus is on development of both hard skills and soft skills. These include skills such as presentation, communication – articulating well with brevity and clarity, delegation, follow-up and feedback.


Drop the Pink Elephant (happy to explain this when we meet), How to avoid negativity, Pictures & graphs for words, Give the KISS* (keeping it simple…), Virtues that work, Staying calm, Communication during a crisis, Appreciation, When what matters, Feedback sandwich, Breaking the news, ABC of communication, Speech patterns, Non-verbal communication

Understanding Accounts (optional), Key concepts, Profit and Loss, Gross profit, Determining operating profit, Understanding balance sheets, Fixed assets, Current assets, Liabilities, Cash flow statements, Cash flow forecasts, Measuring performance

Use of Technical skills, which is very specific to each individual

Use of Hard skills such as communication, commitment, focus, leadership, preparation, prioritisation, quality, team work and time management

Use of Soft skills such as attire, body language, courtesy, ethical values, personal touch, presentation, accommodative and the SMILE* in Quality

*will be explained when we discuss

  • Consultancy: Here to share my knowledge in ERP, Financial Accounting, LANs, Building Automation, Data Engineering, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Payments, Loans & Mortgages, Credit & Debit cards and Soft skills
  • Objectives: Knowledge sharing and learning from my experience to meet your objectives
  • Pace of learning: As per scope defined at the start of the process
  • Pre-requisites: A need to address efficiency and effectiveness

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